7 Cleaning Tips to make your Office a Fun Place to Work in!

by Roger Brown on Jan 11, 2017 Business 18 Views


Any place of business is to be kept clean, organized and professional. Fulfilling that might be hard without proper planning in place. Studies suggest that employees get more productive at work when they work in a place that is clean and clutter-free. If you want to be productive, you’ll have to play a part in making your office look great. When things get tough, you may even consider getting help from a janitorial service. Here are some tips to follow:

1. File System:

Keeping things where they are supposed to be, will make your work less of a headache. Work nowadays involves the use of computer, with which your documents can be scanned and saved easily. This will reduce the need for a separate space for storage of physical files. Going paperless can reduce mess and accessing documents online from anywhere is much easier today.

2. Avoid Eating at Desk:

To some, having their lunch at desk is more comfortable, but we suggest you avoid doing that. This is not just messy and unprofessional, but it can damage your image too. You don’t want to see your clients coming in and discovering loose crumbs or wrappers lying around your place.

3. Clean Common Areas:

Areas that are used by most can get dirty fast. If you and your peers have planned to keep such areas clean, stick to the schedule and put your best efforts to do so. This would be helpful for you and everyone else.

4. Clean Behind Furniture:

Cleaning behind desks and other furniture is not to be forgotten. This could be done quickly and easily with the help of a vacuum cleaner or a sweeper.

5. Maintain Plants:

Presence of indoor plants can give a pleasant feeling for everyone. Ensure there’s someone responsible to water the plants regularly and pick up fallen leaves. Use of artificial plants are also encouraged to lessen maintenance works.

6. Garbage Bins:

Make sure your office premises are equipped with necessary garbage and recycling bins. There are certain guidelines to be followed for the same.

7. Hire an Office Cleaning Service:

The best way to maintain your office clean at all times is hiring a professional cleaning services. They do pretty much everything from carpet and restroom cleaning to power wash and regular floor maintenance. Some of the best services adopt safe and green cleaning measures at satisfactory prices. This also helps employees save loads of their time and concentrate more on their duties.

Keep your office organized, clean and sparkling to leave great first impressions on visiting clients. They help your business go a long way. One of the best recommended tips to achieve just that is definitely hiring a cleaning service or janitorial service.

The author is presently working in a leading commercial janitorial service for over 3 years now. He explains the relevance of keeping office clean to maximize productivity and enhance brand image. Visit mcjanitorial.com

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