Laparoscopic Banding Surgery to Treat Obesity

by katie smith on Jan 10, 2017 Health & Medical 29 Views

Laparoscopic Banding Surgery is a procedure where an adjustable band ties around the top of the stomach to treat the obesity by creating a small gastric pouch and a calibrated opening to the rest of the portion of the stomach which restricts the food intake and while eating less you feel satisfied. The Laparoscopic Banding Surgery does not require the cutting of the stomach and stapling to bypass the normal digestion.

The Laparoscopic Banding Surgery is the adjustable and reversible process which helps you to lose the weight and the lost weight will not come back, if the following instructions given by the surgeons are followed such as:

•    Eat three meals a day with small high proteins and low carbs diet with no snacking.

•    Do not eat the junk food or high calories beverages to reduce the weight quick and fast.

•    Limit your appetite.

•    Do not take any fluids with your meals as it quickly empties your stomach and again you feel hungry.

The Laparoscopic Banding Surgery is especially for those people who are suffering from morbid obesity and for the patient’s with body mass index of more than 40 are the people who required the Laparoscopic Banding Surgery to improve their weight as well as medical conditions.

By adjusting the size between the two parts of the stomach controls that how much food from upper and lower part of the stomach passes. After the Laparoscopic Banding Surgery, the surgeon may adjust the band for first six months to achieve the maximum weight loss for an individual.

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